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Getting To The Core of Your Life...

At the core of our existence lies a central belief in two powers of the universe that guide our lives – love and fear – with love being the way that we should choose to live as you will only have greatly to the extent that you risk greatly… and there is no greater risk in life than to love ‘truly’ regardless of the outcome, regardless of the result, regardless of what comes back to you or doesn’t come back to you from that.

If everything boils down to fear and love, this means that everything boils down to relationships for there is no love outside of relationships – with your spouse, your children, your extended family, your friends, your co-workers, your neighbors and others that you come in contact with, and of course, with God or your Source.

The Relationship Codes Are...
Simple For You to Use And Can Revolutionize Your Relationships... and YOUR LIFE!

The Importance of Positive, Healthy Relationships,
Cannot Be Stressed Enough...

Conflict between man and woman Dr. Bruce Lipton of Stanford University: Over 90% of what affects our thoughts, feelings and actions can be attributed to unconscious memories stored in our bodies. Southwestern Medical School calls them cellular memories. These memories contain wrong beliefs about ourselves, others, life and God, and these wrong beliefs create physiological stress. If you can heal the wrong beliefs, even genetic illness and disease can heal in addition to healing the foundations of stronger personal and professional relationships.

Front Page News - USA Today, May 11th International Edition: Study from Denmark revealed that those who experience frequent disharmony or conflict in their relationships - with their partner, friends, family and even neighbors - are 200% to 300% more likely to die an early death in middle age!

Harvard University Grant Study: This study, at the cost of $20 Million Dollars and over 75 years, charted the emotional health of 268 men. The study found that while "recovery from a lousy childhood is possible, memories of a happy childhood are a lifelong source of strength." More importantly, in the director of the study's own words, "The seventy-five years and twenty million dollars expended on the Grant Study points to a straightforward five-word conclusion: Happiness is love. Full stop."

Dr. Rebecca Turner of UC, San Francisco: Demonstrated that the hormone oxytocin was shown to be associated with the ability to maintain healthy interpersonal relationships. Of particular interest was the fact that women, whose ocytocin levels FELL, in response to remembering a negative emotional memory, reported greater problems in their close relationships.

Life-Altering Experiences...

According to a client who applied The Relationship Codes to their life, these “gems of wisdom, if fully embraced, can result in a life-altering experience in how you approach your relationships and create happiness beyond what you have ever known.”

Happiness and Health...

We all want love and recent research demonstrates that loving relationships are the key to happiness and health. With The Relationship Codes, you can remove all issues and obstacles standing in the way of your long-term happiness.

Simple and Convenient...

With this simple and convenient approach which you can do by yourself at home as your schedule allows, you can realize the breakthrough needed to bring happy and healthy relationships into your life.

Trusted By Leading Experts...

Simple to Use and Incredibly Effective...

The Relationship Codes system is so easy to use that some people find it difficult to believe anything this simple can be so effective. Then again, The Relationship Codes members site, manual, and resources are so full of information, some people feel overwhelmed wondering what to do with it all. No need to fret, every stage or method is explained in detail later in the numerous videos as well as the manual.

The basic concepts and physical mechanisms of The Relationship Codes were discovered in 2001 and have been validated by the results and testimonials of our clients ever since. People from all over the world have reported healing from a great variety of relational problems while they were working on removing stress with The Relationship Codes. The Relationship Codes address the underlying issues of your spiritual heart that are interfering with you having beautiful, lasting, healthy relationships in your personal and professional life.

Various counselors, doctors and health practitioners, after experiencing The Relationship Codes for themselves and their patients, have commented that it appears to put the body into a deep healing state where it can heal itself of the spiritual issues blocking them from having healthy, happy, prosperous relationships.

So, what is our take on all of this? We believe that we have located the nonphysical and unseen source of almost all such problems, and that The Relationship Codes activate the hidden control system that fixes the problems—automatically.

In addition to individuals, we encourage couples and groups to use The Relationship Codes regularly to address spiritual issues and underlying beliefs that cause obstacles to creating and experiencing a healthy and prosperous relationship.

Flexible and Adaptable Process...

There are several options available for applying this new cutting edge approach to healing your relationships. So you can find the one that works best for you alone, for you and your partner, or with your children (or other family members), with the end result being a happy and healthy home life all around.

Affordable for Everyone...

This program is affordable for almost everyone. And the price value is unbelievable when you compare it to the only other option for resolving long-standing relationship-related issues which is psychological counseling with a professional.

How The Relationship Codes Work...

  • The Relationship Codes Use Unseen Energy...

    to remove unknown and unseen things that may be causing harm to your relationships with people, whether personal or professional.

  • The Relationship Codes Leverage...

    the steps identified for delivering energy to the body for it to use in healing the destructive memories and underlying beliefs as they affect our relationships. This is all possible given the link between the stress that results from emotional conflict and damage to our emotional well-being affecting our relationships. When we use our unseen energy to heal the stress, the emotional conflict is resolved, our spiritual heart is renewed and our relationships improve.

  • The Relationship Codes make bio-energy available...

    to you using the same natural delivery system utilized by The Healing Codes. In short,The Relationship Codes activate a physical function built into the body by God that consistently and predictably removes the #1 cause of illness, disease and unhealthy relationships from the body. This is another key point to remember: God designed our bodies to be able to maintain optimal health without the stress from issues of the heart affecting our bodies or our relationships with others!

100% Money Back Guarantee

I want you to have results BEFORE you are committed to the purchase so here's my Better-Than-Risk-Free Guarantee:

I'm so sure The Relationship Codes will have a dramatic effect on your relationships... that I'm offering the following unconditional guarantee...

If you're unsatisfied with the results you are getting with The Relationship Codes for any reason whatsoever, or for no reason at all, simply tell me within 365 days and I'll give you a prompt, courteous refund. No questions asked and no hard feelings.

"Hi Dr. Alex, I wanted to let you know your program was very successful for me this week regarding relationships. My feelings toward my ex-husband were of anxiety, fearful and resentful. However I just saw him this past weekend at a family gathering and was surprised by my reaction. There was none of these feelings!!

I didn't feel the hurt, resentfulness and anxiety that I usually feel when I'm around him. This I thought was a huge success for me, since I have had years of the kind of feeling I just described to you. It really doesn't matter what he did to me since I realized that he is the one to feel sorry for, he has lost everything including his family, both mine and his.

I never thought I could have compassion for this man who hurt me so badly emotionally and physically, but I did. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and The Relationship Codes. I know it's only a matter of time before my physical healing will take place. Thank you!!!"


It's like a WHOLE NEW REALM INMY LIFE OPENED UP! The only words I have for it is that it is like EXPERIENCING THE PRESCENCE OF GOD!


"I have a challenging relationship with my mother and have found that doing Dr. Alex’s Program on "Relationship with Others" helps me after speaking with her on the phone. It has also helped me to accept my sister's choices for her own approach to healing.

I am truly grateful for Dr. Loyd’s program as I feel that I have finally found a true healing tool. I feel much better mentally and emotionally now that I am doing Dr. Loyd’s program."

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  • Simple And Convenient

  • Revolutionize your perspective of Love & Happiness

  • Provides Life-Changing Experiences

  • Affordable For Everyone

  • Flexible And Adaptable Process

  • Provides The Key to Health and Happiness

Here's What You Get When You Invest in The Relationship Codes Today:

  • The Relationship Codes Action Guide - A BIG 300 pages that gives the background on The Relationship Codes as well as complete explanation of The Relationship Codes System. It also goes into depth explaining the Pre-Work as well as the 10 Critical Relationship Categories and the Core Relationship Healing System.
  • Immediate Access To Online Members Area - The members area contains 11 in-depth online training videos as well as downloadable audio training mp3's and all of the bonus resources.
  • Portable Relationship Codes - For you to take with you and to use when you are on the go.

Plus These Additional Bonuses:

  • Getting Started with The Relationship Codes - mp3 - Two Hour Coaching Call with Dr. Alex
  • Now That You Are Doing The Relationships Codes - mp3 - Two Hour Coaching Call with Dr. Alex
  • One Hour Bonus Coaching Session - mp3 - "Your Personality Explained and The Implications of That in Your Relationships"
  • 2 - Two Hour Open Forum Coaching Sessions - mp3 - Tom Costello, Director of Coaching for The Healing Codes and Mary Ann Costello for in-depth open forum coaching on The Relationship Codes.
  • Healing NOW! Program Full Access - You get immediate access to the full program of Healing NOW! This program others paid $197 to access, it is your FREE with your investment in The Relationship Codes.
  • Success NOW! Program Full Access - You get immediate access to the full program of Success NOW! This program others paid $197 to access, it is your FREE with your investment in The Relationship Codes
  • 4 Relationship Codes Circles - This is the mp3 audio of each session in which participants bring the relationship issues they want healed and experience the power of a group working to address their issues together.

YES! Please send me Instant Access to The Relationship Codes Members Area so I can experience this amazing life-changing relationship resource!

  • I understand that once my order is authorized over the secure server, you will process my order promptly, and I will receive instructions via e-mail for accessing the Members Area and all the components of The Relationship Codes program.
  • I understand I will learn revolutionary relationship techniques from The Relationship Codes program that I can use a few minutes a day from the comfort of my bed, my favorite chair or wherever I happen to be.
  • I also understand that I am entitled to a One-Year money back guarantee because you want me to use and test this thoroughly.  I promise to do my part and use my Relationship Codes as prescribed in The Relationship Codes manual.

This Could Be The Best Investment You Make In The Health Of Your Relationships!

I know The Relationship Codes are radically different than anything you've probably tried before. But I want to leave you with one thought...

Just imagine what your life can be like if you got The Relationship Codes and began experiencing results like others are having. Look at it this way, with every passing minute you don't take action, you'll be in the same stress filled life day-after-day and I don't want that for anyone.

You owe it to yourself to discover the secret of The Relationship Codes and how to achieve the level of health, happiness and fulfilling relationships you so deserve.

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TRC kit (3 of 6)This selection is for the Digital Delivery AND the DVD/mp3 physical copy of The Relationship Codes. This gives you not only IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the Members Area as well as all of the Internet based videos and the mp3 audios which you can either play online or download but you get the physical copy of the content too!

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Have A Question...? Take A Look Here And Maybe We've Already Answered It!

  • Q.Where should I start? The Relationship Codes, The Success Codes, or The Healing Codes?

    A.So if someone were to ask me, as people do all the time, where to start, I don’t hesitate for a second when I hear them say, “You guys have The Healing Codes, The Success Codes, The Relationship Codes – and every one of them is totally different. The only things that are the same are the four healing centers that are activated with the fingers. Everything else, the theory, the application, the Codes, everything else is completely different in every one of the packages, so which one should I start with?” What I say and what I’ve been saying and what I’ll keep on saying unless something dramatically alters my view – which I can’t imagine given all the research that continues to come out and supports this even more – is that I would start with The Relationship Codes first every single time. If you are stuck, I can almost guarantee you there is a relationship issue – at the root of your stuck-ness – that needs to be healed first and foremost.

  • Q.Can I tap into the positive experiences I have had in my life using The Relationship Codes?

    A.Yes, of course I’ll want you to focus on “love pictures” while you do your Codes. Identify what we call a Love Picture by thinking of one or more individuals in your life who love you. These can be people from the past or present, friends, family, a much loved pet, etc. We would encourage you to include God or Jesus on this list if that is part of your own value system. Picture yourself surrounded and loved by those on your “love list” – what you are picturing is the truth. Picture them one at a time, or as a whole group. Relax and enjoy feeling their love touch your heart.

  • Q.How long will it take to get results?

    A.Times required for healing vary dramatically from person to person. This is because seemingly identical problems can be caused by a variety of destructive memory pictures in different people. This is discussed in more detail in two chapters in The Relationship Codes Manual.

  • Q.How will I know if The Relationship Codes are working in my life?

    A.You may notice a deeper level of peace and relaxation. You may notice that the things you usually struggle with aren’t difficult anymore. Or you may not recognize anything changing. The best way to observe your changes is to keep a record of the intensity ratings in what we call the Memory Picture Finder. As those numbers decrease, you will know the Codes are definitely working.

  • Q.Can The Relationship Codes harm me in any way?

    A.Dr. Paul Harris, internationally known lecturer and alternative health expert states; “This is the only area of health where there has never in history been a validated case of harm.” Of the many people who have worked with The Relationship Codes, we are unaware of anyone who has ever been harmed.

  • Q.Do I have to do this forever?

    A.We recommend making the Codes part of your daily lifestyle. Once the issues that are bothering you are healed, the Codes work preventatively. If you reach a place where there is nothing bothering you, your daily time to do the Codes will be less than 10 minutes. This is a small price to pay for the preventative effect you will be receiving.

  • Q.This sounds familiar to some other modalities I have heard of, are The Relationship Codes like...?

    A.Even though The Relationship Codes may seem similar to things you’ve heard of or done before, it is completely different. It isn’t based on Chinese medicine, chakras, or acupuncture systems. The theory and exercises are unique to The Relationship Codes system, although it clearly is working on the entire human energy system as well as everything else.

  • Q.Do The Relationship Codes ever stop working?

    A.Our experience is that once you start applying the Codes to your life the Codes are always working. There may be times when you don’t feel changes happening, or changes are not happening as quickly as you want them to. Your feelings don’t equal your healing. In fact, we have had many testimonials of healing weeks or months after the last Code.

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